Discovery of India Exposition, a permanent unique exposition, covering everyaspect of artistic, intellectual and philosophical attainment of India through ages, is depicted in 14 galleries which seeks to determine, true identity of the country.

Images reach out from three-dimensional replicas of major architectural and artistic works, photographs, dioramas and audio-visuals. There are over 50,000 exhibits, spread over an area of 100,000 sq. feet and divided into separate sections, historically as well as architecturally.

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Activities such as Discovery of India, Elocution Competition, Quiz Competition and Essay Competition for students held every year.

Science Workshops:
Working in the laboratory forms an important part of school science education. In the present system of education, however, science is largely taught through textbooks. Emphasis is given on total learning and students are not encouraged to ask ‘how’ and ‘why’. Instead of making children interested in science, textbook science convinces them that science is tedious and difficult to understand. As a result, some students shy away from science. Even for those students who are interested in science, the goals are for careers in Engineering and Medicine. Career Planning in the pure sciences receives little importance. 

In order to present science as an interesting, fun- filled activity, Nehru Centre began a project of organising Science Workshops for Secondary School Students, in September, 1997. These Workshops are activity- based and provide the students with substantial scope for participation, thinking and creativity.

They at present include, ” The Joy of Experimentation”, 
“Hands- on- Science”, “Mathematics through Origami”, 
” Creative Mathematics” and ” Nature Awareness”.