Hall of Progress

(Workshops, Ground Floor, A/c Area)
(Tariff shall also govern & act as part of Rules & Regulations)
Please note: Rates valid for all exhibitions from March 2014 onwards
(Rates are subject to change without notice)

(A)Deposit No.(I) Tariff : HALL OF PROGRESS Maintenance Charges (Ground Floor) Rs.50,000.00 per day
+ 14% Service Tax Rs.  7,000.00
(Area 5500 Sq.Ft. Approx. i.e 465 Sq. Mt.)  Total: Rs.57,000.00 per day
General Security Deposit (For 5 days booking) Rs. 1,50,000.00

Please Note:

Amount of General Security Deposit pertains to exhibition spaces booking period of normal 5 days.  Booking span beyond 5 days will attract additional amount of General Security Deposit, to be decided by Officer-in-charge of Nehru Centre exhibitions.

General Security Deposit will be refunded after the dues towards electricity, damages to Nehru Centre’s property, Security charges, fire safety, cleaning services, liftman’s services, mineral water, occupation of the exhibition space for extra period and other area if allowed etc. for use, & 14% service tax on rent and recoveries.

Note: The rate tariff is uniformly applied to all Organisers without any exception to bodies like Government Departments, professional association, Institutions.

Stages of Payment 

(I) The payment after confirmation of the booking of the exhibition space will be made within seven days by Demand Draft / Banker’s Cheque drawn on Mumbai branch of a Nationalised bank in favour of “Nehru Centre”.  The payment of maintenance charges / Deposit – I shall be as under.
(i) Amount equivalent to 25% of maintenance chargesDeposit – I within 7 days on confirmation with respect to notice period of 181 days or more advance.
(ii) Amount equivalent to 50% of maintenance charges / Deposit – I within 7 days on confirmation with respect to notice period of more than 91 days and less than 180 days.
(iii) Amount equivalent to 75% of maintenance charges / Deposit – I within 7 days on confirmation with respect to notice period of 30 days or less.
(iv) Organisers who pay according to the clause (i) & (ii) above, have to make further payment equivalent to a total of 75% of maintenance charges / Deposit – I as given in clause (iii) to keep up with schedule for payment.
(v) Balance payment and General Security Deposit has to be made 5 working days (from 11.00 am to 3.00 pm) before taking possession of the hall.

Change in confirmed booking

Subject to availability request for change in date can be considered only if the request is made four months in advance.  Transfer charges of Rs.6000/- per unit per transfer will be levied plus service tax extra as applicable

Cancellation and forfeiture

After confirmation of the booking the amount paid shall automatically stand forfeited, if the booking is not required or if the payment schedule is not adhered to.  Amount due on the date of intimation of cancellation shall also form part of the cancellation fees & will have to be paid by the organizer.


Contact Jade Gardens Banquets on 2494 9214/17/19

For further information please contact Mr. M. B. Tawade, Dy. Director (Civil/Exhibition) or Tel. : 2496 4676 – 80  Ext. 139,  Fax :  2496 5857.

While remitting of payments, do not deduct TDS, on rent payable to Nehru Centre.  Exemption certificate to this effect will be issued, while remitting final payment.

12.36% Service Tax will be extra on total rentals plus total recoveries and will be adjusted from General Security Deposit on completion of the event.

Public address system will be provided on complimentary basis.  For details contact Exhibition Incharge only.

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